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AAKSIS provides support for individuals affected by XXY through a toll-free telephone line, e-mail, and a network of support groups as well as its annual educational conference.

For expectant parents facing a prenatal diagnosis and others requiring immediate information and assistance, the AAKSIS toll-free number and confidential e-mail are checked daily or more often. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Please remember that support does not substitute for accurate information and diagnosis given by a trained medical professional and in no way provides any clinical services. All contacts with AAKSIS information sources and support groups are governed by the AAKSIS Privacy Policy.

Toll-free Hot Line: 1-888-466-KSIS(5747)

Confidential E-Mail: KSinfo@aaksis.org

Regional Support Groups is a listing of all National Klinefelter syndrome/ 47XXY Support Groups.