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Local Meetings

AAKSIS will post local meetings held in the US, Canada, and beyond. Support groups are not affiliated with AAKSIS unless noted. Check back for updates on upcoming meetings.

To publicize a meeting,
Call AAKSIS:  1-888-466-KSIS  (1-888-466-5747)
Or, E-mail AAKSIS:  KSinfo@aaksis.org

Northeast/Boston area Regional  Support Group

Contact Dalene Basden or Bill Mulkern, co-chairs of the Support Group.
Dalene Basden
phone:  781-599-9288
email:  ptahsw@verizon.net

Bill Mulkern
phone:  617-742-4247
email:  billthe3rd@earthlink.net

Baltimore/Washington DC Metropolitan Area  Support Group
Contact David Wright at DFWINVA@msn.com or call 703-379-0495 (home) 202-619-2474 (work).

Chicago/ Midwest Support Group  (AAKSIS Affiliate)
Contact Roberta Rappaport at aaksis@sbcglobal.net, or call 224-778-5033 (local) or 1-888-466-5747 (toll-free) for information on future meetings.

Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Area Group
Contact Stefan Schwarz for meeting information.

New York Area Regional Support Group
Contact Grace at User985834@aol.com for information.

San Francisco Bay Area Support Group
Contact lauren@laurenandbrian.org or call 415-491-1738.

Southeast XXY Support Group
Contact Susan Johnson at smagee@worldnet.att.net or call 770-297-9699 for information.

Contact Vaughn Hambley at mailto: vhambley@47xxy.org for information.