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In November, 1995, Roberta Rappaport, with the help of her husband, Richard, organized the first Chicago/Midwest States Support Group and Information Meeting. These meetings are now held twice each year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. From December, 1999, when AAKSIS was founded, through July, 2001, Roberta served as the first President of AAKSIS. She is the mother of Michael, 34 y.o., and Barbara, 31 y.o. At age 12, Michael was diagnosed 47, XXY. Presently, Roberta works "full-time" as an AAKSIS volunteer, offering support and information to individuals with this condition, their family members, and other interested parties. In 1965, Roberta received a B.A. degree in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL.


Roberta Rappaport


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