For expectant parents facing a prenatal diagnosis and others requiring immediate information and assistance, the AAKSIS telephone number and confidential e-mail are checked daily.

Please remember that support does not substitute for accurate information and diagnosis given by a trained medical professional and AAKSIS in no way provides any clinical services. All contacts with AAKSIS information sources and support groups are governed by the AAKSIS Privacy Policy.

Phone Number: 847-566-5992

Confidential E-Mail: [email protected]

Regional Support Groups

A sample listing of National Klinefelter Syndrome/ 47,XXY Support Groups.

Northeast/Boston area Regional Support Group

Dalene Basden or Bill Mulkern - Co-Chairs of the Support Group

Daleene Basden 
Ph: 781-599-9288
Email: [email protected]

Bill Mulkern
Ph: 617-742-4247
Email: [email protected]

Baltimore/Washington DC Metropolitan Area Support Group

David Wright

Email:  [email protected]

Home Ph: 703-379-0495 

Work Ph: 202-619-2474

Chicago/ Midwest Support Group (AAKSIS Affiliate)

Roberta Rappaport

Email: [email protected]

Local Ph: 224-778-5033

Toll Free: 1-888-466-5747

Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Area Group

Stefan Schwarz

Contact Stefan Schwarz for meeting information. 

New York Area Regional Support Group


Email: [email protected]

San Francisco Bay Area Support Group


Email: [email protected]

Ph: 415-491-1738

Southeast XXY Support Group

Susan Johnson

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 770-297-9699


Vaughn Hambley

Email: [email protected]