Board Of Directors

Roberta Rappaport

Chicago, IL

In November, 1995, Roberta Rappaport, with the help of her husband, Richard, organized the first Chicago/Midwest States Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group and Information Meeting. From December, 1999, when AAKSIS was founded, through July, 2001, Roberta served as the first President of AAKSIS. In 2007, Roberta again became the President of AAKSIS and she continues to hold that office. She is the mother of Michael, 55 y.o., and Barbara, 52 y.o. At age 12, Michael was diagnosed 47, XXY. Presently, Roberta works "full-time" as an AAKSIS volunteer, offering support and information to individuals with this condition, their family members, and other interested parties. In 1965, Roberta received a B.A. degree in Elementary Education from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL.

Dalene Basden

Lynn, MA

Dalene, and her husband Stephen, are the parents of Ptah, 37 years old, and Stephen, Jr., 29 years old. The Basden family resides in Lynn, MA. Dalene has been actively involved in promoting Klinefelter syndrome research since Ptah's 47,xxy, diagnosis on Aug 08, 1996. In her role as a member of the AAKSIS Board of Directors, Dalene is also responsible for actively seeking to help identify XXY (and variations thereof) African American individuals and XXY (and variations thereof) members of other minority groups for the purpose of offering these individuals and their family members education, support, friendship, and membership in AAKSIS

Daniel Becker

New York, NY

Daniel Becker is an attorney in New York City. He is active in Reproductive & Genetic Rights, Donor Egg & Sperm Issues and Insurance Law. He is the former Interactive Service Director and Male Factor Board Moderator for INCIID. He is a former Board Member of Resolve NYC and a current Board Member of the American Infertility Association.

Fred Brubaker

Pennington, NJ

Fred is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he received a B. S. in Pharmacy and a M.B.A. He is a registered pharmacist.

After a short stint in retail pharmacy in Ann Arbor the rest of his business career was spent with Bristol-Myers Squibb where Fred held a number of key management positions, including Vice-president and General Manager of Mead Johnson Pharmaceuticals and Mead Johnson Laboratories.

Fred, and his wife, Sharon, are active volunteers in various church, educational, and community activities in Pennington, NJ. They have four children and four grandchildren.

Keely Hillison

Chicago, IL

Keely Hillison is an attorney in private practice in Chicago, Illinois. She received both her B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Illinois. She is the mother of one girl and one boy. Her son was diagnosed with 47,XXY at age 10.

Wolfram E. Nolten, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Madison, WI

Wolfram E. Nolten, M.D., F.A.C.P., was born and raised in Germany and graduated from the University of Munich Medical School. He completed his medical residency at Ohio State University and his Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, at the University of Cincinnati Medical School. Dr. Nolten was Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. His special interests were: andrology, including congenital sex chromosome abnormalities, hypogonadism, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Nolten directed the Andrology Clinic at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. His professional memberships included:

  • The American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Andrology Society
  • The American College of Physicians

Prior to his death, Dr. Nolten had presented repeatedly at Midwest Regional (XXY/Klinefelter Syndrome) Support Group Meetings and National Meetings of AAKSIS.

Richard Rappaport

Chicago, IL

Richard Rappaport was an attorney practicing law, since 1967, in Chicago, IL. He received his B.S. degree and his J.D. degree from Loyola University, Chicago. Richard and his wife, Roberta, were the organizers of the Chicago/Midwest States XXY/Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group and Information Meetings. He is the father of Michael, 47,XXY, and Barbara, 46,XX. Richard was very supportive of Roberta in the work she does on behalf of the XXY/Klinefelter Syndrome community.

Ron St. Aubyn

Shreveport, LA

He received a BSN from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and has practiced as an RN at LSU Health Sciences Center for over 22 years. His specialty background has been outpatient developmental pediatrics. For many years he's been the RN Manager/Clinical Coordinator of the NICU Follow-up and High-Risk Infant/Toddler Clinic. It is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinic concentrating on the child and families with special needs. He has been active in local volunteer organizations and has appeared in several Who's Who publications.

Diagnosed XXY at 16 years of age.